With the news that Cavill is leaving The Witcher to focus on Superman, and the fact that his involvement in Superman rules Cavill out of ever playing James Bond, the actor has to be all in on the Last Son Of Krypton.


Just a week ago it was confirmed that, finally, a Man of Steel sequel will be made with Cavill in the lead role, after his well received cameo in Black Adam. he had already talked about how he wanted this new version to portray:

“…an enormously joyful Superman…”

Now he’s been interviewed by ScreenRant and has given more background on his planned approach and tone:

“There is so much in the way of conversations to be had. Obviously, I have a very close connection to the character, and there is something extraordinarily special about him; extraordinarily special about his capacity to give and to love. I don’t mean romantically; I mean his love for Earth and for the people who live here, and to make people feel powerful – to make people feel like Superman themselves.

I have plenty of desires for this, of course, which will be discussed more in time. But the most important thing, which I will be aiming for, is for the audience to leave the cinema and to feel like they can fly, to feel like they can protect, and to feel like they want to give to everyone else. That would be my goal.”

So an evolution of the character who we saw develop across Man Of Steel, Batman vs Superman and Justice League, particularly the Snyder version.

The new film is currently soliciting pitches from writers. Christopher McQuarrie originally teamed up with Cavill to deliver a pitch that Warner Bros declined while they were trying to bury the Snyderverse and resisting any fan noise to bring Cavill back.

Whether that project will be reborn for this iteration remains to be seen. McQuarrie has proven a highly competent bog movie writer and director and they could certainly do well to think about him if he’s available.

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