The Joker has broken records and won awards. A Wonder Woman sequel is on the way. Aquaman got good notices and made money with a sequel in the pipeline. Speculation is swirling around The Flash and potential multiverses. The Batman has re-started production and Zack Snyder’s Justice League is grabbing headlines. The DCEU seems to be in a comparatively healthy state compared to where it was a few years ago. There is still a random, unstructured feeling about the whole thing though.

One area where there is even more confusion is around Superman. Henry Cavill was one of the few things Warner Bros. and DC seemed to have got right, especially with him emerging from Justice League as a more hopeful, inspiring version of the character as Clark Kent came to terms with his place in the world.

As Zack Snyder’s Justice League approaches, along with the work underway required to complete the movie, there is a lot of renewed interest in seeing Henry Cavill play the role once more. Cavill clearly loves the role and has always said he wanted to return. However Warner Bros. and DC don’t seem to have a clear plan for the character.

It was recently reported that he would return to the role appearing in other DCEU movies but not in a standalone Superman feature. In an interview with Variety he seemed to close down that rumor:

“[The rumors] get wilder and wilder by the day. The amount of speculation, the stuff I read on the Internet, is extraordinary and sometimes frustrating. It’s when you see people stating stuff as fact. Like, ‘No, that’s not the case. That hasn’t happened, and that conversation isn’t happening.’

But the important thing is that people are excited about it, and I think it’s important to be excited about a character like Superman. Superman is a fantastic character. If people are chatting about it, and even if they’re making stuff up, it’s okay, because that means they want to see the character again. And in an ideal world, I would absolutely love to play the character again.”

Cavill will re-start on Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher in late July. Also those 007 rumors around him just won’t go away so Warner Bros. may go to get him and find he’s not available anymore as he’s across town getting fitted for a tux.