Comic-Con is underway in San Diego. The Con is back after a COVID hiatus and is expected to be the source of the usual bounty of movie, streaming, TV and entertainment news. Big rumors are already swirling that Henry Cavill’s return to the role of Superman will be announced in Hall H as part of the big Warner Bros. panel.

Comic Con. Tragic.

Collider, Screen Rant and the usual plethora of online sources are carrying the news. Is this just a rumor that has grown a life of its own? Or will this really happen?

The DCEU may have lost Zack Snyder and the singular creative vision has either stalled or become muddied, but that hasn’t stopped fans declaring that Cavill remains their Superman. It is said that new Warner Discovery CEO, David Zaslav, placed a new Superman project as top priority for the DC films division. He is rumored to have personally put a stop to the much derided JJ Abrams plans for the Man Of Tomorrow.

Dave Zaslav
“…and bring me the head of JJ Abrams!”

Meanwhile, other fans pointed to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s hints on his social media feed that he was a big fan of Cavill’s Superman and wanted him to meet Black Adam one day. So will he appear in the The Flash, Shazam: Fury Of The Gods, Black Adam, or will we finally get a Man Of Steel 2 more than a decade on from the original?

Superman has been a consistent presence in the DCEU since Man Of Steel, with Batman v Superman and two versions of Justice League, plus cameos in Shazam and Peacemaker rounding out his appearances.

In the column marked “Don’t get carried away!” there is also news that Cavill has The Witcher filming commitments overseas on the day the Warner Bros. panel is scheduled for. So until we see him walk out on that stage, or join a Zoom call from wherever he is, then we guess we put this one down as…

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