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Wow. What a mess. Enjoy! We review Artemis Fowl and I'm not sure how a movie this screwed up still gets made. https://youtu.be/S9-zmWyZ7H0    

Overlooked: POPEYE 1980

Next on Overlooked: Popeye, the 1980 weird-fest starring Robin Williams and Shelly Duvall and directed by Robert Altman. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eOgoWv3fW0  

Outpost Frequencies Episode 6 – Are Streaming Services Censoring Movies?

Yoda and Dom discuss at length what Netflix, Disney+ and others are doing to our movies. Perhaps physical disk is a better way to...

The Overlooked: FIREFOX

A new series I'll be doing on video: The Overlooked. The forgotten movies that are pretty darn good. They just never caught on as...

Outpost Frequencies Episode 5 – DCEU And THE SNYDER CUT

Drunken Yoda runs solo this time with his thoughts on the DCEU and the upcoming Snyder cut. Skepticism abounds. https://youtu.be/ubbV531gXQk  

Outpost Frequencies — Episode 4: Our Favorite Comedies!

Heeeeeeeeeeeerreeeee'ssssssss YODA! And Ben! And No Alcohol! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Eh7B2uoXe8  

Outpost Frequencies Ep 3 — 80s Horror Favorites *NOW WITH...

This went off the rails several times as booze and podcasting do not mix. Or maybe the mix spectacularly! You be the judge! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3PYGjBszQE    

Gordon’s Alive! The Weird Tale Of The Making of FLASH GORDON

Here it is! Drunken Yoda's latest video on Flash Gordon! With it being the 40th Anniversary, this seemed like the perfect time to revisit...

Episode 2 of Outpost Frequencies – Batman Retrospective

We had booze and Batman! We also discuss the war between Universal and theater companies and some miscellaneous news. It's a long one! https://youtu.be/X6WfLuAiYD0   Or if...

Announcing… OUTPOST FREQUENCY Podcast!

Our new podcast Outpost Frequency is finally here! That's right, from now on our streams will be edited for time and available to you in...

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