RIP David Warner

The veteran British actor David Warner has died aged 80 from a cancer-related illness. His varied and long lasting career has meant he was a staple of our viewing. He is best...
Sirico RIP

RIP Tony Sirico

Tony Sirico, the actor known for playing mobster Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri on arguably the greatest TV show ever made, The Sopranos, became an angel yesterday at the age of 79. I...

RIP James Caan: 1940-2022

Sad news was received yesterday. The death of James Caan. His manager reported his death with no additional information at the moment, he was 82. He left behind an incredible catalogue of...
RIP Ray Liotta

RIP Ray Liotta

Goodfellas star Ray Liotta has died in his sleep at a hotel in the Dominican Republic at the age of 67 where he had been filming a new movie. An emergency...
Colin Cantwell

RIP Colin Cantwell: Designer Of The Death Star

Colin Cantwell, the man who designed the Star Wars Death Star, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Star Destroyer and many others has now become a force ghost at the age of 90 after...
Vangelis Main

RIP Vangelis

Greek composer Vangelis, who was best known for his incredible film themes for Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner, has died at the age of 79. Vangelis, born Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou (thank...

Gilbert Gottfried Has Passed Away At 67

Gilbert Gottfried, one of the iconic voices in TV and movies, sadly passed away at 67 years old. His death was confirmed on Twitter by his family: “We are heartbroken to announce...
Batman Unburied

BATMAN UNBURIED: Spotify Podcast Arrives in May

The Batman Unburied podcast will premiere on May 3. The narrative-led show from David S. Goyer, screenwriter of The Dark Knight trilogy, Man Of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman will feature…...

RIP William Hurt: 1950 – 2022

Sad news. William Hurt has passed away this weekend after battling prostate cancer. He was diagnosed in 2018. His death was announced by his son, Will, in an official statement: “It is...

Ivan Reitman Has Passed

Ivan Reitman, the filmmaker, and producer, has passed away. He was the man behind the signature comedies of the late 20th Century including Animal House and Ghostbusters. Reitman died peacefully in his...
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