Retro Review Of SNOWDEN

Synopsis: Our film begins in Hong Kong. Will this be hagiography or biography? Snowden waits in a hotel lobby for journalist contacts. Glenn Greenwald is played by Spock from Star Trek. Snowden approaches...

Who Ya Gonna Call? LMO For A GHOSTBUSTERS Retro Review

Ghostbusters is perfect. I don't think any amount of words can do justice for this movie like that statement. Ghostbusters is arguably one of my favorite movies of all time. The reason...

Retro Review: DREDD

An Outposter survives the cursed earth to contribute. The Man Who Saved Movies returns as Why Would You Post That? He wants to talk to you about Dredd, with a Retro...


  Hello Friends and Neighbors, Happy (belated) Hallowe'en and all that. I am taking advantage of some tragic circumstances, one being my inexcusable laziness-fueled guilt, the other being the death of one of...

Retrospective: THE LORD OF THE RINGS Book Vs. Movie — Part 1

Wooo boy. This is long-form! Hope you enjoy! Note: I'm aware that some of the production quality is not top-notch. I only have one good camera and the rest are what I...

STREETS OF RAGE 4: The State of Modern Retro Gaming

What's New Is Old Again Similar to other media, it's hard to pinpoint when video games became the snake perpetually eating its own tail. Going from memory, Super Mario Bros. All Stars is one...

Episode 2 of Outpost Frequencies – Batman Retrospective

We had booze and Batman! We also discuss the war between Universal and theater companies and some miscellaneous news. It's a long one!   Or if you prefer audio only:

Retro Review: CLEOPATRA (1963)

Cleopatra was plagued with production problems that ranged from firing the director for incompetence an incomplete script among other things which compounded to make this the most expensive movie ever made...

A RAMBO Retrospective

With Rambo: Last Blood coming up, I thought this would be a good time to do a retrospective on all the Rambo movies up until now. So sit back and see...

Retro Slasher Vibes In AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 Trailer

"Have You Ever Heard Of Mr. Jingles?" The ninth season of American Horror Story, titled 1984, will focus on a horrific massacre at a fictional summer camp. The official trailer was just...
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