DUNE Releases Early, Box Office Good

The wait is practically over. Finally, after nearly a year of delays due to pandemic closures, Dune is here. It's actually here earlier than planned. Warner Bros. Pictures has announced it...
Being The Ricardos

Nicole Kidman As Lucille Ball In BEING THE RICARDOS

Being British, I have never seen I Love Lucy, I’ve only seen references to it in movies and other TV shows, but I do know it was very popular in its...

31 Days of Horror – TARGETS

Written and directed by Peter Bogdanovich, Targets is a movie that must have been a real shocker at the time. The movie is a weird mix of the world to come...

31 Day Of Horror – NIGHT OF THE CREEPS

31 Days Of Horror continues here at Last Movie Outpost with Night Of The Creeps. The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is, they're dead. Night of The...

A Major Plot Detail About INDY 5 Leaked?

Most people think that the Indiana Jones movies finished as they rode off into the sunset in The Last Crusade. Then we had the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull... and people...

OLD HENRY Reviewed

We love an Outposter contribution here at Last Movie Outpost. It warms our cold, cynical, dead hearts when our Outposters want to get involved. Today EggyWeggs, a longtime visitor, drops as...

Disney Pushes Back

As we emerge blinking, into the sun, after various COVID controls and head of to the movie theaters we may find the latest MCU entry not waiting for us just yet...

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE International Trailer!

Here ya go! Hot off the press. The Ghostbusters Afterlife international trailer is here at Last Movie Outpost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btXw45yCAdI I think the streams will get crossed. We get a few new scenes and some...

31 Days Of Horror – THE NEW YORK RIPPER

31 Days Of Horror continues at Last Movie Outpost as we count down to Halloween. Today an Outposter gets in on the act. This contribution comes from Bourgeoisie Scum as he...

THE BATMAN Builds With A Featurette

The new trailer for The Batman was one of the most shared online videos within hours of its release as part of DC Fandome on Saturday. Warner Bros. and DC aren't...
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