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Batman Unburied

BATMAN UNBURIED: Spotify Podcast Arrives in May

The Batman Unburied podcast will premiere on May 3. The narrative-led show from David S. Goyer, screenwriter of The Dark Knight trilogy, Man Of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman will feature…...
Disney Land Paris

Hollywood Narcissus: Meet The New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss

Iger Is Out Of Here (But Not Really) Former Narcissist-in-Chief of Disney, Bob Iger, has stepped down. New Narcissist-in-Chief, Bob Chapek, has assumed the throne. Of course, Iger is now Chairman-of-the-Board and, Palpatine-style, will...

Hollywood Narcissus: Killing The Golden Goose

Loving Thyself Too Much In Greek Mythology, Narcissus was a handsome dude that a chick named Echo got the hots for. Turns out, Narcissus just wasn’t into Echo and he told her...
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