Video Review: THE MANDALORIAN – Episodes 2 and 3!

Ok it's a little behind but here you go!

Disney+ And The Mandalorian Video Review!

Drunken Yoda had to get extra special drunk for this one. How was The Mandalorian? What's right with Disney+? What's oh so wrong with it? Watch and find out!    

DOCTOR SLEEP Spoiler Video Review!

Drunken Yoda is at again! With new production values! And new problems, as he has to figure out how not to let his face get washed out for next time! Doctor Sleep...


Boy a lot of liquor went into this. Enjoy the rantings of a raving, bitter, lunatic.

Let Me Ask…. Should STAR WARS Fail?

Welcome to what I hope will be an ongoing new feature here on LMO, the LMA! As in "Let Me Ask..." In this video, I ask "Should Star Wars fail as...
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