How To Make A Modern STAR WARS Movie

We’ve been digging through the archives again, cleaning and splicing the old film footage, and we found another one of our How to Make A Movie series of instructional films. This...

Controversial: A SERBIAN FILM

This week’s movie is fun for all the family, assuming you are part of the Manson family. Shawn and I discuss what is thought of as arguably the most controversial movie...

BIRDS OF PREY Video Review

Drunken Yoda shares his thoughts. Does his unhealthy attraction to Margot Robbie color his views? Maybe! Enjoy!

A Quick Apology

Last Night's Live Stream was pretty atrocious. Working on new technology has its hiccups. However Yoda and crew worked hard after the stream and remedied the issues. So sorry for those...
Martin Turnbull Garden Of Allah

Interview With HOLLYWOOD’S GARDEN OF ALLAH Author Martin Turnbull

Ben and Yoda are able to visit with Martin Turnbull, author of Hollywood's Garden Of Allah novels and all-round knowledgeable historian of the Golden Age of Hollywood. We discuss his novels,...

LIVESTREAM: Video Game Movies

Livestream Sunday is here again. What better way to relax before the Super Bowl than to come to Last Movie Outpost and chill? The boys get together to talk about the...

How To Make A Horror Movie

The horror movie has long been a staple of the cinema. Some of the earliest movies were horror movies. They are still very popular today, with a company like Shudder turning...

STAR WARS Fans Vs. Stans

For a short time in history Star Wars was the best thing every and everyone loved it! Nowadays, things are different. In 1999, The Phantom Menace came out and the fans started...

LIVESTREAM: Asian Extreme

Matt and Yoda are away this week. Matt is off to a football hooligan training camp and Yoda is having counselling from watching last week's livestream. Shawn and I will discuss something...

Overlooked: POPEYE 1980

Next on Overlooked: Popeye, the 1980 weird-fest starring Robin Williams and Shelly Duvall and directed by Robert Altman. Enjoy!  
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