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History of Hollywood places and people

The Hollywood Ghosts of Palm Springs

Located just over 100 miles from Los Angeles Palm Springs has gone hand in hand with Hollywood for the better part of a century. It has been synonymous with "playground of...

The Movie Stars And Mobsters Of Ciro’s

  Billy Wilkerson was a true entrepreneur during Hollywood's Golden Age. He was also a criminal. A native of Tennesee, Wilkerson was in the speakeasy business in New York City during Prohibition....

The Hollywood Glamour Of George Hurrell

  George Hurrell is the definitive photographer of Hollywood's Golden Age. A master of black and white photography whose expertise in contrast and shadows was unparalleled at the time. His pictures are...

The Weird Childhood of Candice Bergen

Everybody knows Candice Bergen from Murphy Brown but before she had a career in Hollywood, she was essentially a prop in a ventriloquist act in a house in a town called...

The Hollywood History Of The Witch House Of Beverly Hills

The Witch House, or the Spaneda House, as it is also known, has a rich history. Located at 516 Walden Dr in Beverly Hills this storybook house is extremely iconic and...

Veronica Lake: A Fallen Star

Veronica Lake soared to stardom in the early 1940s with movies that included Sullivan's Travels, I Married a Witch and I Wanted Wings. She was incredibly popular in no small part...