Sequels That Need to Happen: BAD DUDES 2: KICK-ASS PRESIDENT!

The Origins The 1980s were a decade full of cocaine and little else. Apparently, in the midst of all that glorious white powder, though, a band of ninjas led by the infamous...

Apple Land Knockout Blow On FORTNITE

A row between Apple and Fortnite creator Epic Games has been rumbling on for a while now. Suddenly it has exploded into all out war. It all started when Epic Games...

Tell Us Your Five Essential Games

The Argument No matter how many new games are released every year, I always find myself returning to a handful of games that have dramatically shaped my gamer identity. I’ve heard people...
Indiana Jones

Du-du-du-duuuuu!… A New INDIANA JONES Game?

Yup! So it's obviously pretty early yet. We all know how these things can go down but after Jedi: Fallen Order, at my age I'm willing take a few things on faith.

Antitrust Issues Surround Microsoft Bid For Activision

It is looking increasingly as if the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is likely to file an antitrust lawsuit that would block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. This would give Microsoft...

LUNISTICE: A New Way to Retro

An Overlooked Era In recent years, the glut of 8- and 16-bit inspired games has filled the gaming market. It felt like this would be the only past generation to be emulated...
Legend of Zelda

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA’S 35th Anniversary

Cause for Celebration It’s official, The Legend of Zelda could run for President if it had been born in America and was a person and not a piece of software. The Legend of...

E3 Disrupted Again

Covid, covid everywhere! Despite there being an advanced vaccine roll-out programme, topical treatments already approved, and data from South Africa and the UK showing the Omicron variant is, by degrees, less...

Does Anyone Care About Sega Anymore?

The Great Console War Back in the early 90s, children all over the country were picking sides: Nintendo or Sega, with that one weird kid raised by his grandma who pledged loyalty...

Games of Christmas Past –- OCARINA OF TIME

We Need A Hero While I did not technically receive this game for Christmas, it's one I associate with the season more than any other. My brother and I pooled our Christmas money...
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