Parents everywhere, be afraid. Be very afraid. Cars On The Road is coming and it is probably going to take over your lives. Still, at least it might mean Paw Patrol is no longer on a loop in your house. Every cloud has a silver lining.


Cars On The Road is Pixar’s fourth Disney+ project after Forky Asks a QuestionDug Days, and Monsters at Work. All of which seem to have passed me by.

The animated series centres on Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen and Larry the Cable Guy’s Mater as they venture on a cross-country road trip for the wedding of Mater’s estranged sister. Along the way they will have various adventures including a trip to Bonneville Salt Flats for a world speed record attempt, and my personal favorite which is getting involved in a Mad Max-style apocalypse.

Here is a clip showing Mater testing out a jet propulsion attachment at the salt flats:

Also released is the opening title sequence featuring the theme song by Bobby Hamrick. It’s like an animated Eastbound and Down!

Here at Last Movie Outpost we are fluent in both types of music, Country AND Western, so therefore we can tell you that Bobby Hamrick is a child of both the US and the UK. He was born in the US and moved to the UK as a child. His first gigs were in small pubs in and around London. He moved to Nashville to study music and got a job as a studio musician.

At a songwriting workshop in Nashville, Hamrick was spotted by music publisher Chris Oglesby who introduced him to EMI where he signed a deal. As a professional songwriter he has worked with Tom Shapiro, Craig Wiseman, Bob DiPiero, Tom Douglas, Marcus Hummon and Mike Reid.

So now you know…


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