The first movie may have felt like a bit of a slog and the filler in an Avengers sandwich, but it Captain Marvel did what it set out to do. So it’s getting a sequel. And Captain Marvel 2 now gets a villain in the form of a very talented and interesting actress.

Zawe Ashton (Velvet Buzzsaw, Greta) will reportedly play a villain character in the upcoming Captain Marvel 2 for Marvel Studios. Based upon the old adage for superhero movies that they are only ever as good as the villain then casting Zawe is a good move in the right direction. Her stage and screen credits are impressive, ranging from UK Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat to starring in Othello at the Globe theater. She is also not a complete stranger to the world of Marvel, being very close to a fairly major player in this mega-franchise.

She will join the returning Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, while Teyonah Parris will reprise her WandaVision role of Monica Rambeau in the movie. Iman Vellani is also expected to appear as Ms. Marvel.

One of our resident comic book nerds, Run For It Marty, speculates that she will be playing Deathbird. She was a supervillain and an adversary for the X-Men who seem to be edging closer to making their MCU appearance.

Deathbird is part of a segment of the extraterrestrial Shi’ar race that possesses talon-tipped wings. She is the hated sister of the Shi’ar empress Lilandra Neramani, the mother of the Shi’ar warrior, Deathcry, and constantly seeks to usurp her sister’s throne. She is also a sister of D’Ken, the first depicted ruler of the Shi’ar.

Nia DaCosta (Candyman) is in the big chair, working from a script by Megan McDonnell. The promise of Avengers: Endgame after that cliffhanger in Avengers: Infinity War propelled the first movie to $1.1 billion worldwide.