Those crazy cats at Variety have been crunching the numbers with Muso data and have discovered that superhero movies dominate the piracy lists for last year. That is no surprise to anyone, is it?

Pirates… dentally challenged.

Their rather funky Variety Intelligence Platform has all sorts of graphs, data and visualisation about the industry, and commissions periodical studies such as this. Worth checking out if you are interested in this kind of thing, but there is a fee.

This time their report shows that Marvel and DC films dominated the most pirated movies list, just as they dominate theatres. 70% of the year’s top 10 most pirated were cape and tights related. Spider-Man: No Way Home came in first, alone accounting for 21% of 2022’s movie piracy. The Batman, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Black Adam round out the top five.


You have to go all the way to sixth to find non-superhero fare. Uncharted is sixth, followed by Eternals returning to superheroes in seventh.

Imagine the disappointment? Having gone to all the effort of sorting out your VPN, searching for a version that didn’t feature the silhouette of a guy getting up to go to the toilet half way through, waiting for the buffering… only to have to sit through Eternals! It would be enough to make you depart the bay of pirates forever and go straight.

Top Gun: Maverick was in eighth, despite the hugely long wait for a home release, potentially proving the theory that middle-aged people don’t indulge in plundering and thievery.

Weirdly, according to the report, Spider-Man: No Way Home saw a huge surge in piracy just three days before its VOD release. Those blue balls were just killing Spidey fans and they couldn’t control themselves for three more days?

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