It is well known that SyFy is the cancellers canceller. It is known for having a hair-trigger on its cancellation gun. It is something of a joke in the industry. Many reasons are given for this. One of the most amusing is that the SyFy network forgets that sci-fi is expensive and when the VFX bills start to come in, they are shocked. Every single time. One cancellation was particularly shocking. They almost made Tremors TV series.

Kevin Bacon was lined up to executive produce and to star in the TV continuation of Tremors. Amazon Prime spun it up in 2015, but then passed. SyFy picked it up and commissioned a pilot directed by Vincenzo Natali (Cube). The pilot was shot in 2017 and then… nothing. Total radio silence.


Bacon himself revealed later in 2018 that the Tremors show was not moving forward but nobody ever found out the reason why. The pilot has never been seen except for a single festival screening.

Syfy never officially revealed why they canceled Tremors without even airing the pilot. Based on the festival feedback it doesn’t appear to have been a quality issue. The first movie was known to be a tricky sell, as it bombed on release and became a cult classic in the years that followed. Funny and scary is a hard mix to market.


Maybe this combined with Bacon’s higher fee than normal TV actors combined with the VFX bill required to complete a series to spook SyFy? Syfy is known for being somewhat cheap.

The pilot tested very well. Maybe it is time to release at least that? Maybe in anticipation of that, a trailer for the series that was rarely seen has started to make its rounds again, and here it is? What do you guys think?

Bacon took the Tremors to Jason Blum and Blumhouse, but that didn’t come to anything either. An intriguing mystery as to why a show has all the right ingredients in place but then stalls seemingly forever.

With streamer’s appetite for new content as insatiable as any Graboids, maybe it is time for a Tremors resurrection?

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