Werewolves are awesome.  Something about them triggers a deep, primaeval fear in humans potentially far more than any other mythical beast.  Vampires are ruined.  It’s all lace sleeved bisexuality, moping about the burden of immortality and sparkly moonlight romance.

Werewolves, however, are the deadly curse that can cause you to literally rip apart a victim, or the unstoppable beast that hunts you down and tears you limb from limb when the moon is full.

However, on the screen they have been something of a mixed bag.  There has been an all-time classic in An American Werewolf In London, the off-kilter creepiness with a dash of camp in The Howling and the fun, eager romping of Dog Soldiers.  These have been tempered by the awfulness of all the Howling sequels and their portrayal in everything from Underworld, via Twilight to True Blood.

Now somebody else is having a go.  Ubisoft’s virtual reality game Werewolves Within is coming to the big screen in movie form.  Michael Chernus (Tommy, Patriot) has been cast and Josh Ruben (Scare Me) will direct.

A small Vermont town is isolated by a huge snowstorm and a collection of idiosyncratic townsfolk have to deal with suspicion, tension and resentment as a beast hiding among them start to pick off residents.

According to Deadline Chernus will play Pete, described as a sleazy guy who is married to Trish, who is devout.  Her husband does not share her beliefs.

Sam Richardson (Veep) will co-star.  In an excellent bit of nominative determinism, the script will be written by Mishna Wolff.

Jason Altman, Margaret Boykin and Andrew Lieberman produce.

The best all-round werewolf tale I have read in years is Glenn Duncan’s The Last Werewolf.  The rights to this currently reside deep in Ridley Scott’s backlog of interesting projects that he snaps up regularly.

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