Nic Cage the hardest working leading actor in Hollywood, is returning from his self-imposed VOD exile with his tax bill settled and his sights set on a new role. Cage was at the Toronto International Film Festival and was collared by the Happy Sad Confused podcast. When they asked him if there was one character he really wanted a crack (excuse the pun!) at he had an un-egg-spected (ooof!) answer. Egghead from Batman.


“You know what I mean it’s like, Egghead is Vincent Price right? He’s one of our other great American superstar actors that I revere and had so much fun watching growing up.

So I was watching the Batman show because I really wanted to see what Vincent Price was going to do. And the character’s hilarious. I mean, everything starts with ‘Egg-cellent.’ And it’s, ‘Egg-static.’

This is just more of a fun little thing. Cause I’m on a red carpet, somebody asks me a question, I want to give them a funny answer, but there is an approach to that character that could be terrifying. And I’ve thought a lot about it. I’m not going to share it with you.”

Egghead was introduced in the second season of the 1960s Batman TV show in a special two-parter, An Egg Grows in Gotham and The Yegg Foes in Gotham. Egghead considers himself the smartest criminal alive and on his debut he schemed with Chief Screaming Chicken of the Mohican Indian tribe to revert control of Gotham City to the chief’s people. In return, Egghead would also govern the city and enable the criminal underground to run amok. Their scheme is obviously foiled by Batman and Robin.


Price would go on to make five appearances as the character, and his popularity meant that DC then adopted him in comic book form, making him an official Batman villain.

Cage is currently filming the psychological thriller Sympathy for the Devil with Joel Kinnaman and will be playing Dracula in Renfield.

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