With Halloween just a few weeks ago, many streamers are starting to showcase various horror themed shows and movies coming this October. The best amongst these is Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet Of Curiosities.

The upcoming anthology series will air the first two episodes on 25th October with two episodes to follow over the next three nights. That’s 8 episodes in total for those of you who are a bit shit at mathS.

According to Netflix, Cabinet Of Curiosities features the legendary filmmaker’s collection of unprecedented and genre-defining stories meant to challenge our traditional notions of horror by handpicking a variety of writers and directors to bring these terrifying tales to life.

Del Toro Cabinet Head

Makers And Cast

Del Toro penned two original stories and there will be stories originally written by H.P. Lovecraft with screenplays penned by Mandy co-writers Panos Cosmatos and Aaron Stewart-Ahn, and The Dark Knight scribe David S. Goyer.

The cast includes some familiar names such as Rupert Grint, Murray Abraham, Andrew Lincoln, Eric André, Peter Weller, Crispin Glover and Tim Blake Nelson.

Del Toro Cabinet Spunk
Within the first 5 minutes, Dave knew he’d made a mistake of watching Bros on its premier night.


The list of episodes are as follows:

The Autopsy, Dreams in the Witch House, Graveyard Rats, Lot 36, The Murmuring, The Outside, Pickman’s Model and The Viewing.

It looks awesome, check it out.

More To Come

As well as Cabinet Of Curiosities there will be other horrific goodies to look out for this month, including Netflix’s adaptation of the Stephen King short Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, Mike Flanagan’s latest series The Midnight Club and Hulu’s reboot of Hellraiser.

There’s also more from del Toro coming later in the year with his stop-motion adaptation of Pinocchio, which is coming to Netflix early December.

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