We reported a little while ago about Cabinet of Curiosities, a new horror anthology from Guillermo del Toro, who’s no stranger to a good horror movie.

The first two episodes of Cabinet are now streaming on Netflix, so here’s a review of them both.

EPISODE 1 – Lot 36

The first story from Cabinet is:

An ex-vet buys storage locker contents to pay off debts, but buys more than he bargained for when he purchases a lot owned by a strange old man.

I’m not going to talk any more about the story, but I will say, it was very well written. Tim Blake Nelson plays the vet and he does it extremely well.

The episode is a slow burn and we all know how I feel about them, like in Andor, but here, the slow burn has a story and character that is very engaging.

It gets creepier and creepier as it goes on, with an excellent payoff at the end, well, I liked it.

EPISODE 2 – Graveyard Rats

This time:

A grave robber eyes the riches of a wealthy new arrival to the cemetery, but must survive a maze of tunnels — and an army of rodents — to secure them.

This was excellent! The script was fantastic, in a classical way and the delivery, by David Hewlett in particular, was just great.

I will say, this is not an episode if you are freaked out by rats or confined spaces. I’m OK with both, to be honest, but I found myself squirming in a few of the scenes.


I’m can’t get into too much detail without covering spoilers, but I found these for two episodes of Cabinet of Curiosities great fun, properly creepy, and well-made. It’s hard to find good horror these days, it’s mostly churned out by a ‘cookie cutter’ and there’s a lot to wade through.

This anthology series has already made itself stand out, with Del Toro presenting it. Each episode seems to have him introduce it, much like Hitchcock did with his series Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

The irony is, Del Toro seems to have put on a lot of weight and he’s starting to look like Hitchcock around the waist.

Each story has a new writer and director, and these first two are different from each other, but still very good. They both felt very gothic and took me back to a time when I could enjoy horror and not just sit there and roll my eyes at it.

I would defiantly check out Cabinet of Curiosities for a decent new series and something to creep you out. The first two episodes are streaming on Netflix.

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