It is Sunday at Last Movie Outpost, so that can mean only one thing. Well, two things. Firstly, many of our contributors are currently operating with an Olympic standard hangover, and secondly, that one of our global Livestreams is coming today. You lucky Outposters!


12 noon CST, 6 pm UK time we will be going live. What better way to get out of yard work in the US? Or to have on in the background while drinking to dull the pain of an approaching working week in the UK, or to raise a sensible chuckle over breakfast if you are all the way East of us, and come from the future. What else do you have to do, locked in your homes in the formerly free states of Australia and New Zealand?

It’s been quite a week at Last Movie Outpost, as it’s been quite a week in entertainment. Marvel shows no signs of stopping as they dumped a motherlode of Disney+ news. Netflix’s mega-budget star vehicle Red Notice was released. We got a new Captain Nemo, John Wick 4 got a title, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife got a final trailer as the long-awaited sequel becomes imminent.


Along with the round-up of the week’s news, we will talk about all things Ghostbusters. From the beloved original to the upcoming sequel that has one mission in life – DO NOT SUCK!

So join us at 12 noon CST, or 6 pm UK time, or whenever is good for you wherever you are, and get involved. Comments will be open. And remember Ray, when somebody asks you if you are an Outposter, you say yes!

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