Fire up the remake-a-tron! The team behind Dune and Kong: Skull Island at Legendary are about to sign a deal to pick up the rights to Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. The short running NBC show from 1979 was a staple of my youth. I was too young to understand what was happening, all I know is that Colonel Wilma Dearing made me feel funny.

Don Murphy and Susan Montford (Transformers, Real Steel) are behind the adaption. With the sheer hubris that is Hollywood these days apparently it will launch a multi-platform sci-fi franchise with spin off shows and tie ins. How about you just make a movie that doesn’t suck and go from there? Did you learn nothing from Dark Universe?

Originally Buck was a mining engineer who was trapped in a cave-in with some mysterious gas that preserved him until woken 500 years later. America has fallen and there is a vicious gang war raging over the ruins of the nation. For the TV show he became an astronaut who was frozen in a space accident and returned to earth after a nuclear war.

The property is 100 years old, and was the inspiration for Flash Gordon. The intro to the theatrical pilot for the TV adaption remains awesome.

A writer and a director are being searched for. In the meantime, let’s all fondly remember Tweaky.