The Thing-Inspired Space Horror Movie

Bruce Willis returns in this trailer for Breach, which finds the action star taking down a shape-shifting alien force intent on wiping out humanity.

Directed by John Suits for Saban Films, the trailer looks like a generic mix of elements from Alien, The Thing, and Event Horizon. Originally titled Anti-Life, the film’s premise is that a devastating plague has wiped out much of Earth’s population, and the survivors are being evacuated via an interstellar ark to “New Earth.”

Here’s the trailer –

Willis plays Clay Young, described as a hardened mechanic who is part of the crew selected to stay awake and maintain the ark for the six-month journey. But then he discovers a shape-shifting alien (or “a malevolent cosmic terror,” per the early press materials) has also stowed away on the ark, and it seems to be intent on killing everyone on board.

Cody Kearsley (Daybreak) co-stars as Noah, a junior mechanic who is about to become a father and teams up with Clay to protect the ark from the alien invader.

The cast also includes Rachel Nichols (Pandemic) as Chambers, Thomas Jane, Callan Mulvey, Kassandra Clementi, Alexander Kane, Timothy V. Murphy, Ralf Moeller, and Corey Large.

Some of Willis’ best films have been science-fiction action movies, but I doubt this will live up to the quality of 12 Monkeys, The Fifth Element, or Looper.

Breach opens in select theaters and will be available via On Demand on December 18th.

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