It’s just been announced that Brad Pitt and a cavalcade of master assassins will create some havoc in Bullet Train in April next year.

Bullet Train

Based on the popular manga Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka, Bullet Train follows five assassins who find themselves on a Japanese bullet train, and slowly realize that their individual assignments are all interconnected.

The movie has amassed the kind of cast that only comes together once in a while, with Pitt, whose character is named Ladybug, leading an ensemble that includes the likes of Joey King (The Kissing Booth) as Prince and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (The King’s Man, Tenet) as Tangerine, as well as Brian Tyree Henry (Eternals), Andrew Koji (Warrior), Zazie Beetz (Joker), Masi Oka (Heroes), Michael Shannon (Knives Out), Logan Lerman (Hunters), Lady Gaga (A Star is Born), and Sandra Bullock (Gravity).

Speaking in a recent interview, and according to stunt coordinator for the movie, Greg Rementer:

“Brad did 95 percent of his physical stunts – the fighting,”

“He’s like a natural-born athlete. He really got in there!”

Rementer had nothing but praise for the dedication of the large ensemble cast saying:

“Never have I ever done so many huge actors in one feature where all of them excelled at the physical movement of our training. So Brad, Brian, Michael Shannon, Hiroyuki Sonada, Andrew Koji-who was already a stud in terms of where he comes from with the show Warrior-all these actors put out some great action and did a lot of their own stuff.”

Bullet Train

Bullet Train wrapped production last month, and, once again, has now been announced by Sony to be hitting cinema screens everywhere on April 8th, 2022.

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