When The Last Jedi landed it 2017 it unpicked a lot of the threads that were left dangling from The Force Awakens. It subverted expectations so hard that it even left the next chapter in the sequel trilogy fatally wounded.

“I can’t work with her!”

As a result, director Trevorrow exited Star Wars Episode IX a few months before filming was due to start. He surveyed the wreckage he had been left with, and no doubt encountered an immovable set of senior executives at Lucasfilm who refused to see their own problems, and he walked.


Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank all know the feeling. J.J. Abrams came back, somehow Palpatine returned, and what we got was… really not good.

There are many pieces of concept art and script extracts online from Trevorrow’s aborted attempt to end the trilogy in style. We even wrote about here way back in the early days of LMO. On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, franchise star John Boyega spoke about that script and his feelings when he heard Trevorrow was exiting.


He says he hasn’t read the script online:

“I can’t read that one ’cause I’d be heartbroken. I was…I had a sit down with Colin, and I gotta tell you that was one of the best ‘Star Wars’ meetings I’ve ever had because it felt like two nerds who were like, ‘Yesssss! That’s what we want to see!’

I saw the [concept] art, Stormtrooper rebellion, I’m like… that stuff was cool, and hopefully, Lucasfilm will give him an opportunity down the line to work on something else cause I’m sure they would love to collaborate with him again in any capacity.”

Boyega also confirmed that Finn was force sensitive and it was always a plan to revisit the idea, but The Last Jedi scuppered that for Episode IX:

“JJ really wanted… ‘Force Awakens,’ the movie that JJ directed, he was kind of plotting a trajectory, but obviously, with the creative differences in the middle, he still wanted to force it in there. So that’s where you get that moment with Finn and Jenna and [she] asks him, ‘How do you know?’ and he just says, ‘It’s a feeling,’ and [JJ] just had to get something in there that told you why there was a Stormtrooper who held his own long enough against a Sith, or Sith wannabe to a certain extent with Kylo.”

This is Star Wars now. A TV show and regret.

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