There was a rumor that Sony was not expecting much of Uncharted at the box office given the current market conditions. Well, it’s blowing through their lowered expectations and is looking on for a haul of $45-50 million domestically. This is over a four-day weekend for Presidents’ Day.


It hit #1 on Friday with $15.5 million and is looking like it could snare the biggest opening so far of 2022. Critics’ reviews have been unkind, but audience scores are way up on that at 39% to 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is not the first time we have seen a massive schism in the critical consensus between audience reviews, where people just want to be entertained, vs. critics who want their cinema to be important.

It will hit $100 million overseas by the end of the weekend, meaning that Sony has broken even already… unless they, well, you know…

Elsewhere Channing Tatum’s Dog is also tracking higher than expected, looking at $15 million for the four days. Showing the clear line between younger audiences heading out, and older ones staying at home while the last knockings of the pandemic play out, is 20th Century Studios’ Death on the Nile.

The Agatha Christie adaption is not faring so well at the box office and ended up 4th with $1.7 million on Friday and a 65% drop. It really is a beautiful movie so it may well find a big home on PVOD.

Spider-Man: No Way Home remains on wide release and, almost unbelievably, still managed to claim 3rd.

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