IMDb TV released the first trailer for Bosch: Legacy, the spinoff series of Prime Video’s longest-running original series Bosch.


The trailer features Harry Bosch reflecting on his life’s legacy after quitting LAPD.

In the final season of Bosch, the detective handed over his badge and decided to move to a different career path, as he felt tired of all of the constraints that police work imposed on his work.

For Bosch, catching criminals was always more than a job; it was a mission. And these are the values he imbued on his daughter Madeline (Madison Lintz), who joined the force intending to become a great detective like her father.

This new trailer looks as though the new series will explore his relationship with his daughter Maddie as she follows in his footsteps of becoming a cop. Maddie is paired with Reina Vasquez (Denise Sanchez), a hard-charging training officer.

Here’s the trailer:

The official IMDB blurb says:

“As Maddie patrols the streets of Los Angeles, she grapples with what kind of cop she wants to be. Her father – who continues to live by the code that everybody counts, or nobody counts – believes the issue is clear: being a cop is either a mission or just a job.”

Bosch: Legacy’s cast includes Stephen A. Chang, Denise Sanchez, Kate Burton, Jai Rodriguez, and Michael Rose.

The spinoff will also see Mimi Rogers returning to her role of civil rights attorney Honey Chandler. The spinoff is inspired by Michael Connelly’s novel The Wrong Side of Goodbye. Connelly also wrote the crime novels the original Bosch series adapted for TV.


Bosch: Legacy premieres on IMDb TV on May 6th.

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