Time to be honest and realistic with ourselves, Coronavirus and COVID19, complete with restrictions on gatherings and potentially more measures to come, is the new normal right now.  This will be with us until at least early summer, one way or the other.

Movie theatres are basically out for the count.  There will be very little life in the theatre business until the same time.  Universal went first to push content to VOD to minimise losses.  Warner’s followed suit, shuttling Birds Of Prey onto rental channels.

Sony are now in on the game too.  The Vin Diesel-led action feature Bloodshot is coming to Digital HD early.

The movie just beat the theatre close down by a few days and pulled in $9.1 million on its debut weekend, but numbers were already falling due to self-isolation.

It will land on all the regular outlets on March 24th for the retail price of $19.99.

Tom Rothman, Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group, says in a statement that his studio is:

“…firmly committed to theatrical exhibition and we support windowing [but this is due to the] unique and exceedingly rare circumstance.”