In the face of a global pandemic and with widespread cinema closures it was always going to be tough to draw too many conclusions from box-office and PVOD numbers and what they herald for the future of the industry. Now the world is opening up again Black Widow box-office will provide a first real insight.

According to Deadline the numbers are in. They make interesting reading. Disney has, for the first time, released accurate figures relating to the Disney+ Premier Access option. The breakdown is as follows – $80 million US box office, $78 million International box office, $60 million Disney+ Premier access.

$218 million in total and that number is expected to rise. That puts it far ahead F9: The Fast Saga which opened last week. Remember F9 had no PVOD release yet as Universal doesn’t release to stream for a month under the terms of its deal with theaters. It’s also the largest opening since Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker back in 2019.

So why is this important? Firstly it means the PVOD / Disney+ result was enough for Disney to crow about. That makes shareholders happy and that is the #1 goal of every listed company, everywhere.

Remember, Disney gets to keep 100% of that revenue. Theater owners usually receive a sliding scale of box-office receipts, rising the longer the movie stays in theaters. It’s estimated that this averages out to about 30% overall across the landscape.

So run those numbers through, adjust, and the Disney+ option made Disney the most money.

This means the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. Disney won’t be giving up this revenue stream, and other studios will be looking on enviously as their own tentpole blockbusters come into view.

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