The production of Black Panther 2 was sidelined by the death of the lead actor Chadwick Boseman and not because of COVID shockingly enough.

It seemed at the time, this branch of the MCU was going to be cut off, but Marvel Studios looked at how the first film raked in over a billion dollars and realized they’d be fools to not continue on with a sequel.

The original start date of production of Black Panther 2 was March 2021 and there’s still time for that, but instead, they’re moving production to July 2021. Filming will also still be taking place primarily in Atlanta, as planned before the cancellation.

It’s also being reported by THR that Tenoch Huerta of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico is in talks to play one of the bad guys for the film. There’s nothing said if for sure he’s going to be in it or which part.

Ryan Coogler originally wanted Kraven the Hunter for a cameo in the first Black Panther, but wasn’t able to, apparently due to everything fitting together with the MCU as a whole. Maybe it’s a possibility now, and maybe to be more than just a cameo. This could make connections with Spider-Man 3.

It’s still unclear what Marvel has in mind of Black Panther 2. Will they get a new lead to fill the role of King T’Challa? Maybe they will have someone else take up leadership, such as M’Baku? It’s all up in the air right now.