Is the Berlanti-verse slowly closing down? Now they have done their version of Crisis On Infinite Earths, aligned everyone around a single universe from their various multiverses, and with DC introducing the multiverse itself in the movie DCEU, it does seem to be running out of a reason to exist.

Now joining Arrow and Supergirl in the finished column is Black Lighting. The CW has announced it will end with its upcoming fourth season. One-by-one.

Cress Williams stars as the hero, a retired crime-fighter who is now a high school principal. When a new gang rises in his neighborhood, lead by villain Tobias Whale, he returns to his previous ways.

Tobias Whale

Over the course of the four seasons the gang are responsible for increasing crime and corruption around his community as they extend their influence into every area.

A spin-off about one of the villains, Painkiller, remains in development.