Could Black Adam face off vs. Superman after all? Well this is out there right now on the internet. The same internet that brought you stories of Tom Cruise as Iron Man in Doctor Strange 2. The kind of people on the internet that claimed Grando Calrissian would appear in the Star Wars prequels didn’t go away, they just set up certain other websites. So occasionally we have to bust out one of these to remind us to treat things with the required caution:

Here is what we know so far.

Cavill had looked out as Superman as Warner Bros. flirted with JJ Abrams and Ta-Nahisi Coates race-swapped version of Clark Kent. This was not Calvin Ellis / Superman, this was to be Clark Kent but Man Of Color.

Warner Bros. was then acquired by Discovery and their new CEO, David Zaslav, prioritised sorting out the DCEU starting with Superman high up the list of messes to be cleared up. It appears there were concerns around direction of travel and Abrams is rumored to be out. He had joined Warner Bros. to ostensibly take over the DCEU but the rug was pulled out from underneath him and he was thrown Hot Wheels as a pity-fuck.

Earlier, Shazam was a moderate hit and well-received by fans and critics. That featured a post-credit cameo appearance by Cavill’s Superman. This was played by a stunt double in costume as Cavill was off filming The Witcher. Cavill has always maintained he wasn’t done with the character and the Snyder Cut of Justice League moved his version of Supes further towards what the fans apparently wanted.

Shazam sequel / spin-off Black Adam is now coming, featuring the biggest movie star on the planet right now in the title role of his passion project, and also in the producers office.

Black Adam

He has always known to be a fan of Cavill as Superman and had often talked up a clash between Supes and Black Adam.

Recently the rumor wheels began to turn online that this was going to be a reality. First the rumor mongers picked up on a tweet by Dwayne Johnson and spun it to mean that he was referring to Black Adam and the clash.

Black Adam

This went even further over the weekend when several online claimed that an early test screening of Black Adam contains a post-credits scene. In that scene Amanda Waller is in the same restaurant that she was in from Suicide Squad and talking to somebody about Black Adam. It is then revealed that the person she is speaking to is Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Black Adam

It does not explain if this is supposed to be another costume cameo, like Shazam, or if it really is Cavill in the cape. However his earlier appearance in Shazam confirms that he exists in this universe, and that Shazam is n the same world as Justice League.

A big note of caution on this is that a post-credits scene is exactly the kind of thing they would leave off an unfinished test screening cut of the movie. Black Adam is out on October 22nd 2022 and therefore it is conceivable that test screenings would be underway right now.

So what do you think? Internet bullshit, or has Zaslav been reading online and knows Cavill’s Superman has a big fan following?

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