Well that was fun. Here’s your Black Adam review.

Seriously, it was fun. It wasn’t the best superhero movie out there but as far as getting a good Black Adam movie, this was pretty darn good. The Rock is clearly enjoying himself. The JSA mostly worked. Pierce Brosnan makes a damn good Dr. Fate.

I can’t say that the emotional moments really resonated or worked. It did try to have a big tear jerker type moment of self-sacrifice that really didn’t work. And the battles could sometimes get a little tiresome as invunerable people punching each other gets old.

But Black Adam tries not to wear out its welcome. The humorous moments really work. The creation of a pseudo-persian nation of Khandaq was really interesting. Midnight’s Edge called it “diverse but not woke” and I think that describes this movie pretty well.

Black Adam is woke up from his slumber 5000 years after being put into it. Little by little we find out his history and what happened with him. While those of us who know his most recent origin story will not be too surprised, I think the average movie goer will be pleased with the twists.

Black Adam Darkness Main

I hestitate to go into too many spoilers but suffice to say this is a dark hero who isn’t afraid to kill and kill mercilessly. This could’ve used an “R” rating but I can’t complain too much about the deaths. The JSA however comes across a little naive at times. The main heroine in this story rightly tells them off at their inaction when their country was taken over by Intergang but they come in now acting like they are going to preach about “due process” in an occupied country.

It never gets too serious but it never devolves into camp either. Black Adam walks the line pretty well. And quite frankly, its just fun. Sometimes that’s good enough for me. I never got angry or rolled my eyes.

So this is the first movie released under David Zaslov’s new regime and its aim is to entertain. Not preach and not give you “the message™”. Boy oh boy do the woke corporate elite establishment HATE that. It’s clear that Rotten Tomatoes is now an inverse score system. Once again we have split between normal people and these insufferable asshats.

Gee. Wonder if it’s woke or not?

In a normal world, in the “before times” when we didn’t inject politics into every single facet of entertainment, this would be an above-average movie. Perfectly fine, maybe a 75%. But that’s not the world we live in now. Now if we are reasonably entertained and not preached at, you get a crap review by the cult.

This is unsustainable. RT will become irrelevant and it’s not all their fault, they just count the scores. (They’ve done plenty of other nonsense so I shed no tears.) People will no longer pay attention to people paid to review a movie who hate the people that read their reviews.

Well how else do you explain this?

So go see it. See it to stick it in their eye. See it because you want to not have to think about politics for two hours. I definitely recommend it.