The Black Adam movie is nearing ever closer and rumours of a cameo by a certain superhero continue to grow. One particular scene in the latest TV Spot called Darkness have many believing this is the set up to said cameo.

This is just an online rumour, and also a potential spoiler so be warned Outposters.

Rumor Black Adam

Black Adam – Darkness

According to the rumor, in the post credit scene, we see Black Adam sitting in his throne room, only to be confronted by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Black Adam declines her offer to join her new team.

There must be some back a forth and as you’ll see in the cleverly edited TV Spot, Black Adam says:

“There is no one on this planet that can stop me”

The rumor states that at this point enter… Superman! Who retorts:

“Good thing I’m not from this planet”


What The Actual F…?!

Obviously if this rumour is true, there are a bunch of questions that need answering.

  1. Will this even be Henry Cavill’s Superman?
    Surely if Davis is back, Levi is back as Shazam, Momoa as Aquaman, Miller is still Flash (remarkably) and Ben Affleck is reprising his role as Batman, then it’s safe to say Henry is back too. But then again, this is Warner Bros so who the hell knows at this stage?!
  2. Why is Superman teaming up with Waller?
    She’s an unscrupulous bitch, and hardly someone Big Blue would join forces with. Unless of course needs must and we have a major threat coming?
  3. If there is a major threat, could it be the return of Darkseid in the much rumoured Justice League 2?
    Word on the street is Andy Muschietti is tipped to helm the project. Apparently test screenings of The Flash have been excellent and WB are keen for him to continue the “Snyderverse”, for want of a better word.
  4. Or of course it could lead to Black Adam v Superman but we’ve been down that route before and it didn’t go well for WB. Personally, as much of a Superman fan that I am, I’m not too interested in watching him just fight another supervillain for 2 hours.

Black Adam v Superman

Anyway, as usual Warner Bros. are dangling the return of Cavill carrot to build hype for Black Adam. As much as I love the Snyderverse, and in particular Cavill’s Big Boy Scout, I’ll sit back and pretend that I didn’t get excited and a little drip of wee didn’t leak out when I read the rumour.

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