The Rock has his passion project. Dwayne Johnson had been trying to get a Black Adam adaption off the ground for years and now he has it. The long-gestating production nears release and we have a second trailer, following up the sneak peaks and the shorter trailer released earlier this year. Here it is:

We see CGI, we see scope and scale, we see ‘xplosions and superhero shenanigans, and nobody gives a glower quite like Johnson. Talk of saviours, a wise old potential mentor, younger and more impulsive heroes caught in a crossfire.

But is it all too late? Many Outposters talk about superhero fatigue setting in, and with the DCEU screaming out for some structure, direction and clarity does this all just feel like a side quest after you have completed the main game?

The rumors have swirled that The Rock wants Cavill back so Black Adam can fight Superman, but the rumors also say that Cavill has signed up to the MCU, so what do rumors know? Ask Fleetwood Mac. They also talk of Shazam! and Black Adam appearing together on the screen in the future. We shall see, we guess.


Whether any of this means anything in the go forward plan for the DCEU depends on who Warner Bros. hires to clean up the mess, and what David Zaslav thinks he can turn a profit on.

The director of the upcoming Black Adam movie, Jaume Collet-Serra, has said that neither Shazam or Superman are in his film. The timelines do not match, despite the movies both being filmed at roughly the same time. He also said there are no plans for anything connected to be spinning off on HBO Max, so no Peacemaker style continuation here.

Black Adam is released on 21st October.

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