Black Adam is mere days away from its theatrical release and the early reviews are in. Rotten Tomatoes currently has a Critics score of 55%. But considering they have She-Hulk at a mind-blowing 87%, can Rotten Tomatoes even be taken seriously?

So what are those who aren’t firmly in Dinsey’s corner having to say? Well, as expected it’s a mixed bag. One calls it an “Action Extravaganza” whilst another said it was “Anti-Entertaining”.

Having only seen the trailers, I’m not surprised that audiences are split because on one hand, it looks like a popcorn-munching cinematic spectacle, but on the other, it also looks like a typical soulless CGI mess we’ve become accustomed to.

I’ve picked a few reviews for the good and the bad but I will say that no one seems to love it while no one seems to hate it. Black Adam appears to be a bit…

Superman Meh

The Good (ish)

Peter Debruge from Variety says:

“Clearly, the film’s whole purpose is to give Black Adam a suitably grand introduction on the assumption that he’ll be pitted against a more deserving adversary soon enough.”

Helen O’Hara from Empire:

“With Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson and director Jaume Collet-Serra attempt to offer a grand unified theory of DC, mixing family-film tropes with a protagonist who straight-up murders people. The result is sometimes a mess, but it’s a generally entertaining one.”

Tim Grierson of Screen Daily says:

“Black Adam hardly reinvents superhero cinema, but at least its star gives it a little muscle.”

Black Adam

The Bad (ish)

John Defore of Hollywood Reporter:

“Johnson creates a magnetic antihero, volatile and antisocial. He doesn’t fly so much as stalk the sky; he swats opponents like the bundles of weightless CG pixels they are. And this passion project serves the character well, setting him up for adventures one hopes will be less predictable than this one.”

Rolling Stone’s David Fear writes: 

“Not even the pleasure of watching Johnson enter into a blockbuster template he seemed destined to dominate can make up for how generic, flavorless and incoherent this is.”

Screencrush’s Matt Singer notes:

“There could still be some cinematic potential in Black Adam, perhaps in contrasting his grim demeanor with the eternally sunny Shazam in some kind of crossover sequel. But this Black Adam was already a long time coming. And it wasn’t really worth the wait.”

Black Adam

So there you have it, perhaps RT’s current 55% is actually spot on. I might go and see it over the weekend with my youngest son, but I’ll be honest, I’m only going because we have free cinema tickets from a friend and I want to see that particular spoilerific post-credit scene.

What about you Outposters, is anyone going to watch Black Adam this opening weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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