Every single time that news leaks out about movie reshoots, the rumour mill goes into overdrive about troubled productions and unhappy sets.  This is despite the fact that just about every filmmaker working today will tell you they are part and parcel of modern filmmaking.

Birds Of Prey was no exception.  It’s released this week and Cathy Yan directs the tale of female villains teaming up.  This movie was also not immune to reshoots and rumours.

About a year ago, during production, John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski was brought in to help rework some fight sequences.  His company was involved in these from the beginning so this appeared an internal escalation.

Speculation then began that Yan was struggling with certain action scenes.  This proved unfounded, as Yan reveals to Collider:

“He did some of the second unit directing for the reshoots, but also his company – because we were lucky enough to get him, his company 87eleven we’d worked with for the entirety of the shoot, and that’s because I really liked the way they did action. It felt very practical.

Our stunt coordinator Jonathan Eusebio and I really got along and we really love like the old Jackie Chan movies, and the way that those stunts were done and the way that you shoot that kind of action – which is what 87eleven is sort of known for, as well.

So they’d been training our ladies for months, and they did most of their own stunt work. Then when it came time to actually adding even more action in reshoots, it was just amazing to get to work with Chad too.”

First reactions are now out and the feedback is glowing!  Considering people were lining up to give this movie a kicking, is it about to surprise and delight?  Or is that typical early screening hyperbole that has captured so many online contributors before?  Their excitement at being picked by a studio for a screening making them oblivious to any faults in front of them?

Time will tell.