We tried to warn you Hollywood.  Again and again.  We are just a pokey movie website run by some passionate individuals so our voice was not heard.  Now that the numbers, the business, the money all point to what we have been saying all along will you wake up?

Doubtful. However once again a piece of evidence materialises that shows, once again, that Hollywood has had its focus in the wrong place for a while now.

Birds Of Prey has failed again. This time on enforced COVID19 home release.

As streaming becomes the dominant way of viewing movies and television shows during the coronavirus pandemic, studios are collapsing release schedules to remove the break between theatrical release and VOD.  In some cases they are pushing new movies straight to home channels as theatres remain shuttered.

In this radically different landscape studios will take VOD buys as their measure of success.  In this Birds Of Prey limped in at a disappointing fourth.  Bad times for the movie that is arguably the biggest release out there at the moment.

The Invisible Man, Onward and Bloodshot all passed the superhero spin-off in the stream count this week.

Where this leaves superhero movies if they are female-led and marketed heavily as a feminist empowerment moment rather than great adventure, told well, should be obvious to studios. So expect them to learn absolutely nothing from any of this, ever.