It has taken just two weeks.   Warner Bros. Pictures released Birds of Prey on VOD to purchase for $19.99.  Clearly the market has told them where to go with that offer.  So they’ve admitted defeat and made it available to rent for $5.99 just less than two months since cinematic release.

So with WB breaking cover like this and fast tracking a movie straight to rental in the face of the COVID19 closedown we need to wait and see what the others will do.

Disney tried a different tack by using Onward as Disney+ bait as the closedown closed in, and people were looking at their entertainment options.  Then they punted it to rental.

If you were thinking of laying out nearly $20 for The Hunt, The Invisible Man or Bloodshot then we at the Outpost would suggest waiting a few days and seeing if anyone else blinks.

Industry watchers will be keeping a close eye on Trolls World Tour and the Premium VOD release this Friday.  If that flies then we could be about to get a lot of new movies straight to our homes in the coming weeks as studios seek to minimise their losses.