During The Cosby Show, he was America’s father. The Cosby Show was the number 1 sitcom in America for 5 straight seasons and bringing the adventures of the upwardly mobile, firmly middle-class African American family directly into living rooms helped America forget that it was only 16 years since the abolition of Jim Crow laws and only 17 years since it was illegal to marry interracially in some states. It allowed America to tell itself it wasn’t racist anymore.

“I can’t be racist… I watch that black show on TV!”

So, with a sense of real disappointment for most people came the news that Cliff Huxtable himself, Bill Cosby, was accused of sexual misconduct.

Eventually, Cosby was convicted in Pennsylvania in 2018 of a criminal sexual assault charge. He was was released in 2021 following nearly three years in prison after the conviction was overturned by the state Supreme Court.


Now the controversial star is planning a return to live touring in 2023. He has appeared on a surprise interview on WWGH on Wednesday December 28th. He spoke with WWGH Talk host Scott Spears about touring and the 85-year-old had this to say:

“Yes. Yes, because there’s so much fun to be had in this storytelling that I do. Years ago, maybe ten years ago, I found out it was better to say it after I write it.”

He went on to say:

“When I come out of this, I feel that I will be able to perform and be the Bill Cosby that my audience knows me to be.”

Cosby’s last live appearance was just before the controversy broke in 2015. Variety then picked up on this and reached out to Cosby’s reps for a comment. Cosby’s representative, Andrew Wyatt then confirmed to Variety that Cosby is looking at spring or summer to start touring.

These plans may all be upended though, as five women have just filed a new sexual assault lawsuit against NBC and Cosby. Ooopsie!

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