Bill Burr Paper Tiger is one of the funniest stand-ups I’ve seen in a very long time.

I wrote a review of Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones recently and mentioned specifically how Dave threw down the gauntlet on attacking woke culture. Bill responded with:

“hold my beer.”

I don’t recall laughing this hard, and this often, at a stand up since Robin Williams at the Met back in 1987. I had tears rolling down my face and nearly laughed myself off an overpass. My car would’ve been sailing through the air with the sounds of my insane hysterics piercing the morning air, and passers-by believing Batman must’ve finally got Joker.

It’s That Funny

While Dave is a brilliant storyteller, he’s like a sniper. He surveys the landscape, takes a few potshots here and there to soften the target zone, and then hits you with a devastating headshot. It’s methodical and hysterically lethal, but he takes his time to get there.

Bill Burr is a steam roller. He crushes everything and everything gets crushed. For 60 minutes, the laughs never let up. The setups to the stories are always laced with huge laughs and then he puts his boot on your throat.

I Think I Had An Aneurysm

First, he starts off blaming whining feminism on white women. He has no fear, and no mercy on any of the woke crowd, the beta male feminists, the idea of cultural appropriation, or even himself; referring to himself as a rageaholic and a lunatic.

Burr’s never been one to shy away from nailing sacred cows, as seen in his diatribe on being a Mother:

But now he ratchets it up several notches. I had trouble catching my breath. If you thought the blow-up doll jokes were played out, you were wrong.

Netflix is on a roll. Between Dave Chappelle, Dark Crystal, and now Bill Burr, I wonder if they are trying to differentiate themselves from other streaming services by being the anti-woke service. I’m skeptical, but I would love to see it.