Esquire is a sensible, grown-up magazine for sensible, grown-up men. Which probably explains why we don’t have any copies kicking around the Outpost. Luckily somebody far more mature than us tipped us off that Vision himself, Paul Bettany, has done a very interesting interview with them where he talks about his career and reacts to some interesting Marvel fan theories regarding WandaVision.

The interview teases a big reveal to come, with an actor Bettany always wanted to work with. He also tells a wonderful anecdote about fearing his career was over, and reveals an interesting bit of movie trivia about his time in the MCU – specifically the length of it.

He also talks about his role as JARVIS before appearing on the screen as more than a voice.

WandaVision is now in the home straight with a new episode out today on Disney+. The reveals are coming thick and fast now as the conclusion comes into view.