We are now less than a month away from 2023, which is a scary prospect. It’s OK though, as we have movies to distract us. At the end of each year, the contributors like to put together their favorite movies of that year. We will be doing the lists soon, but what about you, our loyal Outposters?

The Outposters
The Outposters

What have been your highlights of the year? What have been the best movies you have enjoyed? What has made you glad you bought your cinema ticket? We plan on doing a top ten, of both the best and worst of the year, just to even things out. We will publish that in a couple of weeks towards the end of the year.

We have a real mix of movies, from Jackass Forever to Prey, from Top Gun: Maverick to All Quiet on the Western Front. What has really stood out for you?

Top Gun

This article is to get some ideas down. So just list what you thought was good and what was bad. You can include TV shows as well, since we’ll get talking about them at the same time.

Later in the month we will have a poll for the Best Movie of 2022 and the Worst Movie for 2022. I’m guessing there will be a lot more in the “worst” category. In the meantime, get posting what you think should be a winner and a loser.

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