Director Catherine Hardwicke has a new comedy planned called Mafia Mamma. Monica Bellucci and Toni Collette are both set to star in it.

The story is about a suburban housewife who inherits her grandfather’s mafia empire. She defies everyone’s expectations as she takes on the family business.

mafia mamma

Catherine Hardwicke, best known for directing the first Twilight movie is in the big chair. It is has been written by J Michael Feldman and Debbie Jhoon, who both started their careers writing an episode of classic British sitcom The Inbetweeners. Alongside Bullecci and Collette is Rob Huebel, known from Bob’s Burgers.

Production is set to start in spring 2022 in Italy. Collette is quoted as saying:

“I couldn’t be more excited to make this film with Catherine and the team. It is pure, fish out of water fun with a firm feminist backbone. I think we could all handle an uplifting, laugh out loud story like this right about now. Bring it on Italy!”

Hardwicke has said:

“Toni is one of the most versatile actresses on the planet – she can be intensely emotional, super- sexy and LOL hilarious. She’s going to dazzle as Kristin. And I personally relate to this woman who has to tap into her inner warrior and earn the respect of a bunch of men – especially after working in the film business. This story is empowering in the most fun way!”

mafia mamma

The report I read said that both ladies are happy that the movie has a strong feminine edge. This makes a nice change since we haven’t had this in any other movies of late.

Sorry, I’ll turn my sarcasm down. At the very least, it’s a new IP, so it might be interesting.

No news yet on when Mafia Mamma is due out.

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