Here at the Last Movie Outpost you don’t see behind-the-scenes where we work very hard to bring you all the latest news and reviews from all around the globe. Some days are slower than others, but we hope you guys love reading the site as much as we love making it.

One thing you guys never really see is how much effort we put into the site, the long hours of trawling through the media find entertainment news, the badgering people on social media for an interview, and the mild bickering we have between us about silly little things, like how to pronounce Kevin Feige.

Now and then we do get a breakthrough and arrange interviews with people who work in the movie industry. Recently I managed to arrange an interview with the one and only, future Mrs Boba Phil, Jessica Chastain.

We have more behind the scene footage to look forward to, the main problem is just editing down the hours and hours of footage from all of the pointless arguments and childish name-calling.

Check back every day for new content at Last Movie Outpost.
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