We reported on Beckett a while back and it’s now streaming on Netflix. Here’s my review.


The movie is directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, written by him and Kevin A Rice. It stars John David Washington, Boyd Holbrook, Vicky Krieps, Alicia Vikander, Yorgos Pirassopoulos and more.

The plot is:

Following a tragic car accident in Greece, Beckett, an American tourist, finds himself at the center of a dangerous political conspiracy and on the run for his life.

The movie starts well, Beckett (Washington) and April (Vikander) are tourists in Greece and having a great time. There is political unrest, so they leave Athens. On the way, Beckett almost falls asleep and crashes his car into a lone house in the middle of nowhere.

*Mild Spoilers From Here*

My first annoyance was that Vikander dies. This was annoying since the opening credits had the entire cast, then is said AND Alicia Vikander, the word ‘and’ meant I knew she was going to die. Her dying wasn’t the shock it should have been.

As the car is upside down, Beckett drags himself out and he sees a young lad with red hair. This then becomes the crutch of the entire movie.

Beckett ends up in the hospital and the police question him, he mentions the boy. When he’s doing a bit better, he heads back to the house, only to have a woman try and shoot him. The police turn up and try and shoot him as well. So far, pretty good.

To get away from the police, Beckett climbs, and jumps, down a cliff. He still has a broken arm from the accident and I sat there thinking how none of this was possible. I imagine even Wolverine would have struggled.

The movie then turns into a game of cat and mouse, and, it’s done pretty well. I did like the way it played out and I was on Beckett’s side and fairly invested in his character. well, apart from, his broken arm, he manages to do most things, including fighting, with a newly broken arm. The more this went on, the less I believed it.

Beckett meets up with two female activists, who help him, it turns out they know what is going on with the whole political situation.

As the story goes on, the less investment I had. It turns out the red-haired kid is a political hostage of a guy running for office, certain people want the kid back, others want him for a ransom. The way the story plays out just seems to get more boring. It’s a real shame since it had really good potential.

Near the end of the movie, there is a moment where Beckett jumps from a car park, about two stories up, onto a moving car! Much like Batman did in The Dark Knight when the Scarecrow is trying to get away in a van. I bought that in Batman, coz it’s Batman, in this movie, it was just bloody stupid!

*End Of Spoilers*

Overall, this could have been a really good movie, but it just failed as it went on. It’s like the writer didn’t have an ending planned, hoping for some inspiration, but it never came to him.

The movie is well directed, I really like Washington, he’s a really great actor, and the rest of the cast are all really good, even the Greek people who I haven’t seen before, but it’s the story that lets it down.

I give Beckett 2 stars out of 5, it was well made but could have been a lot better. You may enjoy it, as a political thriller and a game of cat and mouse, but don’t expect much from the ending.

I won’t be watching it again any time soon.

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