Orange is the New Black star, Taryn Manning, is Karen, a self entitled white woman. Yes, seriously, here is the trailer.

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was a sketch from SNL or produced by The Onion, but no, it’s a real movie due out. The plot is, as said :

A racist, entitled white woman in the South terrorizes her new Black neighbors.

The trailer only dropped yesterday, but has already caused a stir on YouTube, at the moment, it has 3.6k likes and 9.6k dislikes! Some people have been describing it as a rip-off of Jorden Peele’s Get Out or at least some form of parody.

The term Karen is a slur on certain types of ladies (although men are Karens too – equality), who are, how can I say this? Slightly volatile to certain situations, which usually don’t have anything to do them. I’m sure you’ve seen them on social media.

The movie looks like it is playing up the stereotype…a middle-aged white women who feels put out by things that don’t actually effect her in any way. She has new neighbors move in, Malik and Imani, a young black couple and she starts to terrorize them for things like, not taking their bins in after garbage collection.

It seems she orchestrates her brother, a bigot and a policeman, to try and get the couple to move out of the neighborhood. She also has a confederate flag on her soap dispenser! This is to confirm she is a white supremacist, just in case you weren’t sure.

Karen stars Taryn Manning, Duane Finley, Cory Hardict, Jasmine Burke and Roger Droman. It is written and directed by Coke Daniels. Daniels is quoted as saying :

“Last year during the global pandemic and civil unrest, I — like many of us — felt anger, despair and hopelessness. The overwhelming amount of support from people around the globe, who want to see change, has been such an inspiration.”

Manning, who plays the lead, has said :

“I felt a social responsibility to take on this role. Even if I had to play the villain to affect change around the globe, then I was more than willing to step into the role. What’s been going on is devastating. It’s time for change and for me to be a part of the bigger picture, meant a lot to me.”

There is no date for release just yet for Karen.

I’m not going to say much more and hand over to the talk-backers, what are your thoughts?

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