A respected global broadcaster like the BBC and Last Movie Outpost? Stranger things have happened. When I posted at the end of 2021 that I was on a mission to watch 1,000 movies in a year I was very close to finishing. Finally, I saw my 1,000th movie which I decided to make Gone With The Wind, as amazingly I had never gotten around to watching it before.

Some local newspapers, TV, and radio got interested in the story and it got featured on the BBC website. Can you believe it? I got featured on the BBC and it wasn’t Crimewatch this time! I was also interviewed by BBC Somerset and BBC Devon, which is only audio, but here you go.

I finally got around to making a video about the whole thing. It’s worth watching just for my Mr. Burns impression.

This year, I was planning on 2,000 movies in a year, but I’m really behind… actually I’m very much down. So far behind. However, I have been catching up on TV shows and just writing articles and making videos for all the Outposters out there.

1,000 movies in a year? Doesnt it go by by a flash?

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