After what seems like months of teasing, the BBC has finally set an air date for it’s cool-production of Dracula, in partnership with Netflix.

it will air on New Year’s Day 2020.  And for Drac fans there is even more good news.  All three 90 minute long episodes will air on subsequent nights as part of what the BBC promotion calls a:

”Three-day reign of terror.”

Episode one – titled The Rules of the Beast – will air at 9pm on New Year’s Day on BBC One, followed by episode two (Blood Vessel) on Thursday 2nd January at the same time, followed by episode three (The Dark Compass) at 9.00pm on Friday 3rd January.

As Dracula is a co-production between the BBC and Netflix, the streamer wants to allow the show to be released in bingeable format with all episodes at once.  However under the terms of the BBC deal they cannot release it globally on their platform until after the show has aired in the UK on the BBC.

This format is a compromise allowing both partners to get their wish.  Apparently the makers of this adaption, Sherlock’s Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, are delighted as this is how they feel the story needs to be experienced, without a week long break between instalments.

Let’s hope it is more like early Sherlock and Moffat’s early Doctor Who, before both of those show started to creak under the weight of their own show-off complexity and resultant failure to stick a landing.

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