Whereas the Doctor Who Christmas Special used to be a highlight of Christmas Day TV, the BBC has somehow even managed to ruin that. Alongside moving the show from it’s main Saturday evening slot into the Sunday night graveyard schedule, it then moved the Christmas Special out to New Years Day.

It seems determined to undermine it’s own prized export. This must be what happens when you are funded by “Other People’s Money” and don’t actually have to work for a living.

Because of the litany of mistakes by the BBC towards Doctor Who in recent years, unbelievably, this years Christmas Special is something of a make-or-break episode. After fans deserted the show in droves, fed up of being lectured and virtue signaled to by the show, the few remaining hold-outs were left rolling their eyes as the current showrunners decided to completely ret-con the history of the Doctor to suit their agenda.

So if this annual event TV flops then it could well be time for the Doctor to go on another hiatus. So they’ve sent in the big guns. The Doctor’s greatest enemies, the Daleks. Now BBC America has released a trailer for the upcoming special, Revolution Of The Daleks.

The plot starts where the last episode of the last series left off. The Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) has been taken prisoner so the team joins forces with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) to defeat the Daleks who are being introduced by the UK government for defense. Wasn’t this the plot of Victory Of The Daleks in Matt Smith’s run?

Straight away we can see one glaring problem. The return of Chris Noth. He was central to one of the most poorly received episodes of the last season, Arachnids In The UK. He played Jack Robertson. A character who was a very thinly disguised excuse for the kind of people who work at the BBC to sneer at certain American politicians. He returns here as the same character.

Dame Harriet Walker and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett also star.